From eXtended Reality to the Metaverse, PIXACORE has you covered

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PIXACORE is excited to shape the future of the Metaverse!

Propelled by an insatiable appetite for innovation and a long history with eXtended Reality (XR) projects, PIXACORE is well positioned to embrace the Metaverse. We lean on a foundation of high-profile client projects in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

PIXACORE provides a comprehensive understanding of the Metaverse and how your company or brand can become a part of it. Metaverse strategy is not one size fits all. PIXACORE will provide you with the brand-specific strategy to succeed in the Metaverse of today and beyond, combining the creative, technical, and operational solutions that bring strategy to life and secure your brand’s presence in the Metaverse.

ASCO 2016-2019 VR Helicopter showcasing Oncology pipeline of Bayer AG User Interaction utilizing Leap Motion hand recognition for Meta CV1 headset
Life size heart kidney model to be 3D scanned and captured through photogrammetry resulting scanned model in AR application on iPad

PIXACORE has developed many high-profile eXtended Reality solutions for educational and training purposes, from disease simulation to multiplayer surgery experiences.

Overview of solutions provided by PIXACORE

At PIXACORE, each Metaverse/XR application we create is rooted in imagination and aligned with the customer engagement goals of our clients. In a collaborative partnership, we create memorable, immersive end-user experiences that accelerate understanding, create favorable brand impressions, and provide novel media through which clients can connect with their audience.

Our comprehensive, immersive technology offering includes:

  • Multichannel distribution strategies
  • Script writing and storyboard creation
  • 3D asset creation and animation (MOD, MOA, product simulations)
  • Interactive Metaverse/AR/VR/MR development
  • Avatars
  • Interoperable multi-platform Metaverse AR/VR App development
  • End-to-end live event support
  • Regulatory, medical, and legal collaboration
  • 360° video production and postproduction
  • Equipment rental, onsite setup, and support

Voice Technology & Artificial Intelligence

AI continues to transform businesses—especially within healthcare. PIXACORE guides clients through the selection process of AI solutions by educating and setting the right expectations before continuing with implementation and deployment.

AI has changed how computers can interpret human language, and PIXACORE has long implemented leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) frameworks into its solutions. NLP is not just advancing voice or text interactions with machines. It can also help to contextualize and standardize large amounts of text.

In any business operation, but particularly a healthcare business, we are faced with large amounts of data from, for example, CRM, EHR, or clinical trial systems. AI can help to identify patterns or behaviors to lead to better patient care or client management.

For your most complex problems, PIXACORE puts deep learning to work. This enables another level of cognitive decision-making and yields solutions to problems not previously solvable, which is why this type of AI is so disruptive and currently experiencing large growth.

PIXACORE works with all major AI frameworks and will guide you through selection, implementation, and deployment to ensure that your AI project is a success and exceeds expectations.

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Telehealth & Chatbots

In recent years, a rapid and exponential increase in health-related, digitally based communications has largely replaced traditional, face-to-face engagements. Telehealth is a fast-growing field and will see continued adoption—especially with adaptation to standardized EHR and continued evolution of AI. To that end, PIXACORE has created Pixa Cloud Connect, an SaaS solution that easily integrates with an existing website.

Pixa Cloud Connect is a cloud-based solution for fast, secure, 1:1 conversations between an HCP and MSL/rep/financial advisor/call center agent. It enables direct, high-quality video and/or voice engagement from any website without installation of third-party tools or apps. Pixa Cloud Connect™ integrates with targeted email systems such as IQVIA and Veeva-approved emails, as well as CRMs such as Veeva and Salesforce. Office 365 integration enables scheduling and email communication through a company calendar and email system.

Artificially intelligent-based conversational agents known as chatbots enable users to communicate and interact with software applications that utilize AI-based tools. PIXACORE has great experience building chatbots for our clients’ particular use cases.

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