Innovation in Action

At PIXACORE, we’re not just keeping pace with the future—we’re shaping it. Our dedicated investment in R&D ensures that we’re at the forefront of innovative technologies and platforms, from mixed reality and generative AI to the metaverse. This commitment means that our pharma clients are always equipped with cutting-edge solutions and able to turn today’s innovations into tomorrow’s competitive advantages.

Mixed Reality & Spatial Computing

“Crafting Immersive Experiences: Mixed Reality & Spatial Computing Expertly Leveraged”

With over 10 years of experience in VR/AR, PIXACORE is uniquely positioned to harness the full potential of mixed reality and spatial computing for the Life Sciences industry. These technologies offer more than just immersion: they redefine how we interact with and perceive digital information. For HCPs and patients, this means more engaging, intuitive, and impactful experiences. For internal stakeholders such as sales professionals and MSLs, this translates to enhanced training, collaboration, and presentation tools.

Our commitment is to identify the right opportunities—ensuring that every interaction is elevated, every message resonates, and every stakeholder benefits from the transformative power of mixed reality and spatial computing.

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This paper, released on June 5, 2023—the day Apple announced its first-generation MR headset—presents compelling and game-changing use cases for the Life Sciences industry.

Generative AI

“Hands-On With Generative AI: Guiding Pharma Through a Systematic Approach”

At PIXACORE, our direct exposure and rigorous testing of generative AI have equipped us with a nuanced understanding of the technology’s strengths and limitations. This hands-on experience is invaluable when advising marketing and Medical Affairs clients. We’re uniquely positioned to guide you in taking a systematic approach, evaluating precisely where and how generative AI can be integrated to enhance engagement with HCPs and patients. With PIXACORE, you’re not just leveraging a technology—you’re harnessing a tested and refined strategy that ensures generative AI aligns seamlessly with your objectives and delivers tangible results.


“Metaverse in Pharma: Charting the Future of Digital Engagement”

The metaverse is more than a digital frontier—it’s the next evolution in pharma engagement. For digital marketers and Medical Affairs professionals, it offers unparalleled opportunities for immersive education and interaction. At PIXACORE, we’re at the forefront, guiding pharma procurement teams in navigating this new dimension. From strategy to execution, we ensure that the “metaverse” is more than a buzzword—it’s an integral part of your digital engagement toolkit.

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This paper explores the potential impact of the metaverse on the Life Sciences industry, providing relevant use cases and practical advice for getting started. Download now to learn more!