Purpose & Identity

Our Mission Is Built on Experience

We aim to deliver great customer experience as a partner— applying our collective expertise to innovative solutions across stakeholders and channels.

Our Values Help Us to Be Authentically


Commitment to the success of every venture—in concert with one’s team


Achieving business goals with smart, simple, and creative solutions


Develop as an individual while contributing to the success of the team


Be flexible enough to adapt to new ideas and think differently to achieve others

If you embody our ideals, we hope to meet you!

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Our Leadership

We know that exceptional experiences start and end
with humans. Being a great partner is always our priority.

Sanjiv Mody - Founder & CEO of Pixacore

Sanjiv Mody, Founder & CEO

“Since its inception in 2007, PIXACORE has drawn strength from a digital core. We are agile in anticipating market needs. We drive our trailblazing innovations across all media and channels with tailored strategies and impactful solutions.”

 Dhaval Parikh - President of Pixacore

Dhaval Parikh, President

“Creating an innovative roadmap for PIXACORE means challenging the status quo to achieve excellence for our clients. We see past market noise and invite inspiration from unexpected sources, and our decisions are measurable and actionable.”


Suzanne Goss

Head of Brand Strategy

“Our strategic approach connects customers with innovative science, therapies, and brands through engagements that match that innovation. We can ensure that your brand story reaches the right decision-makers at the right time and place because we know your customers and how they make decisions.”

 Karl Schempp SVP, Group Creative Director, Art of Pixacore

Karl Schempp

SVP, Group Creative Director, Art

“Our philosophy for design combines simplicity with beautiful and smart aesthetics. Always purposeful and solution-oriented, with a deliberate use of technology. Clear, engaging, inspiring, heartwarming, thought-provoking, and motivating to take action.”

Jennifer Firestone SVP, Creative Director, Copy of Pixacore

Jennifer Firestone

SVP, Group Creative Director, Copy

“We lead our stories’ heroines, the clinical data, into daring, multichannel adventures. Each journey begins with research and ends with what honors the patients behind each brand.”

Ben Voss - Chief Technology Officer of Pixacore

Ben Voss

Chief Technology Officer

“In the realm of technologies such as AI, IoT, and XR, we must train ourselves to search for the success stories from which we can learn to create meaningful experiences. Adapting to computer science, a strong driver in the modern world, is an art form.”


Ashley Doyle

SVP, Client Services

“At PIXACORE, we are as committed as you are. We build true partnerships, and our strategic solutions, paired with an agile sensibility and attention to detail, are the foundation for achieving great results.”

Brian Loh - SVP, Senior Director, Medical Strategy of Pixacore

Brian Loh

SVP, Senior Director, Medical Strategy

“Improving patient outcomes is at the core of everything we do. By advancing medical affairs’ digital capabilities, we aim to accelerate patient access to medical innovations.”


Pinky Shah

Managing Director

“We structure our cross-disciplined teams to mirror the needs of our clients—fine-tuning the symmetry to ensure productive collaborations.”

Anisha Mody - EVP, Director of Finance & HR of Pixacore

Anisha Mody EVP, Director of Finance & HR

“The unexpected common denominator of Finance and HR is emotional intelligence. Ethics and financial leadership round out the roles.”

 Marty Murphy VP, Business Development & Marketing of Pixacore

Marty Murphy

VP, Business Development & Marketing

“Using transformational technologies, we relay the complex science of novel therapies to all audiences throughout the lifecycle of the treatment journey.”